Was established in Jakarta in 1997 as a partnership of legal consultant in Indonesian business law. The firm has practiced in many legal issues, especially in area of public and civil law litigations, corporate lawyer and regulations research. We believe that, due to today’s globalization, technological development and competitive environment, legal advice has become an important aspect for corporate, business and finance activities, whereby committed professionals are required to comply and fulfil the needs. Handled by solid team work of professional lawyers in their fields in litigations, Information, Communication and Technology (ICT), licensed investments, merger & acquisition, banking, antimonopoly, pension fund, intellectual property rights, land & property issues, and plantation.

Vision Massudilawe


All the hard works, the sleepless nights, the challenges, fly deep into the legal research, they always pay off. Each successfully of legal works is a rewarding of experiences. We love what we do because of one thing: COMMITMENT.


Our firm aims to be one of the best solution to provide required legal advice enabling our clients to compete within nowadays global business situation. We look forward to serve you.